zaterdag 22 juni 2013

donderdag 6 juni 2013

sugary tunes bastille - thinkin bout you (feat o.n.e.)

Recently got to see these guys live in Amsterdam (Paradiso), been in love with their music ever since. Enjoy!

vrijdag 10 mei 2013

DJ'ing with a Nintendo Gameboy

8-bit music

DJ Rocko working his magic
 A couple of weeks a go I visited an event called 'What's Up', a monthly gathering that's all about creative and innovative concepts and movements in and around Amsterdam. A part of this edition was guest 'Eindbaas' the driving force behind 8-bit chiptunes in Holland. They organize parties and other events where chiptune DJ's perform.

A chiptune (chip music, 8-bit music) is synthesized electronic music often produced with the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles and arcade machines.
Which basically means DJ'ing with not much more than a game computer, such as the Nintendo Gameboy. This makes for some pretty interesting (danceable!) music in different genres. During the What's Up event one of the resident DJ's of Eindbaas Rocko showed his DJ'ing skills. Meaning he was hitting the small buttons on his Nintendo Gameboy at a rapid speed, pretty impressive!
Love it or hate it? Check out these beats below.

For more info about chiptunes:
For more info about chiptunes in The Netherlands:

dinsdag 23 april 2013

inspirational footage - dior homme

All clothes and accessories Dior Homme SS13
Photography Andrea Spotorno
Styling Mauricio Nardi
Hair Joseph Pujalte at L’ATELIER (68)
Make-up Katy Le Sant at Walter Schupfer Management
Nails Sophie A at L’Ongle Singulier
Models Janis Ancens at Elite Milan, Karl Morrall at L’homme de Nathalie Agency
Photographic assistant Philippe Bustarret at Bird Production
Retouching Vincent Rochat at Bird Production
Digital operator Florent Brunel at Pin Up Capture 
Casting by Bird Production
Production by Bird Production
Shot at Pin Up Studio

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maandag 22 april 2013

dinsdag 16 april 2013

sugary tunes NONONO - pumpin blood

This is your heart, it’s alive 
It’s pumping blood 
And it’s your heart, it’s alive 
It’s pumping blood 
And the whole wide world is whistling 
And it’s whistling

Sorry for not posting in such a long time, the past few weeks have been a bit hectic for me. Promise to post some really cool stuff in the following days though! For now...some sugary tunes by NONONO.
Happy week y'all!

zondag 17 maart 2013

donderdag 14 maart 2013

sugary tunes two door cinema club - next year (rac mix)

This week's sugary tunes by Two Door Cinema Club. It's a song that has been stuck in my head for quite some time now, so just needed to share this one. Enjoy!

woensdag 27 februari 2013

studio africa and designer laurenceairline

While doing some trendresearch, I came across this really cool African designer. I actually stumbled upon it thanks to a great Diesel+Edun initiative called Studio Africa. It is a platform celebrating and promoting creativity in Africa. Studio Africa was born out of the Spring 2013 collaboration: a denim collection born in Africa and entirely sourced an manufactured in Africa, using the finest cotton from Uganda. The collaboration goes beyond fashion to discover and be inspired by a cast of creatives fueling innovation across Africa. If you want to know more about this online platform please visit their tumblr page.

One of the Studio Africa creatives is Laurence Chauvin-Buthaud of the brand Laurenceairline. She is a rising menswear designer from Cote d'Ivoire. All her collections are produced by locals at the Laurence Airline workshop which serves as a pole of creation and a centre for teaching couture sewing techniques. The concept behind her brand is based on how fashion and ethnic cultures can successfully collaborate to create possibilities for the future.
As a designer she is inspired by people living in their clothes rather than a constructed fashion influence. She says: "It is the attitude and spirit that an individual gives a garment through the way that they wear it."
Her spring/summer 2013 collection is a fusion of local fabrics in carefree masculine silhouettes. I am especially keen on video that represents this collection. Starting very soft and playful, but gradually becoming more mysterious and clashy: a good representation for Laurenceairline's SS13 collection.


For more info about Laurence Airline or Studio Africa check:

maandag 25 februari 2013

sugary tunes the 1975 - chocolate

The 1975

The 1975
Sugary tunes by The 1975, a Manchester (UK) based band. They make music that can best be described as an unlikely blend of indie rock and 1980s white popfunk. Chocolate is their latest single taken from the EP Music Cars which will be out on March the 5th (March the 4th for UK).
Hope you enjoy it. Have a nice week!

for more info check:

dinsdag 19 februari 2013

hof stuff - blog humans of new york

Every now and then you come across something great on the internet. This week for me that was a blog by photographer Brandon called 'Humans of New York'. Brandon started his blog in 2010, as a direct result of wanting to construct a photographic census of New York City. This census would contain a catalogue of the city's inhabitants. But as the project progressed, it began to have a different character. Instead of just capturing and collecting portraits of NYC's citizens, Brandon started to collect quotes and short stories as well. To me, this is where Humans of New York becomes extra extraordinary. What I love the most about cities it that it houses so many different characters. Being your iconic self, being whoever you want to be and not let anyone tell you you can't act or dress a certain way. To me that is the ultimate state of freedom. Scrolling on the blog you see so many inspiring people. And that is exactly it's purpose: bringing daily glimpses into the lives of strangers in New York City. I've put some of the photos below: if you want to know more about their stories, just click on the link.
Enjoy and have a nice week!

Purim in Crown Heights

The Sikh Parade

Seen in the subway
"I'm in the middle of a spiritual process. I can't wear color for another six months."

Mixed and Matched

If you want to know more about this blog, please visit:

zondag 10 februari 2013

trendresearch lidewij edelkoort - trend travel

Trendwatcher Lidewij Edelkoort 

One of my personal favorites when it comes to trend watching is Lidewij Edelkoort.
A little background information about Lidewij:
she is globally known for her creation of innovative trend books and audiovisuals, which she has been doing since the 1980s. In these books and audiovisuals Lidewij focusses mostly on lifestyle analysis and research, which she conducts for the world's most leading brands. She announces the concepts, colors and materials which will be in fashion two or more years in advance. In this way she and her closely-knit teams are interpreting the evolution of society and the signals of consumer tastes to come, without forgetting the economic reality.

Lidewij is Paris based (even though she is dutch) and gets to travel a lot. To express the inspiration that comes from travel, she founded a special page for it on her website, called: trend travel. It's a bundle of photographs taken by different inspiring people in different cities and countries across the globe. I've put some of my favorites below.
Berlin by Imke Klee
Berlin by Imke Klee
Marrakech by Ben Lambers
Marrakech by Ben Lambers

Marrakech by Ben Lambers

zaterdag 9 februari 2013

new developments

As you may know I am a student marketing, communications and advertising in Amsterdam. I am currently in my 3rd year, which means doing an internship is a part of the course. So last week I started my internship at a company that focusses on something I'm really passionate about: trend watching. The company is called Trendslator. Which, the name gives it away really, is a pioneer in researching and translating trends to businesses and branches. It offers a way of thinking for the development of new and updated strategies and concepts. As a part of this 'futuring' (the development of a vision on the future) Trendslator releases one trendbook (MOOD) a year with seven trends for the upcoming year plus clear translations for each trend. Trendslator is already trend hunting for the upcoming MOOD14 and the fun part is: I will be doing a lot of trend hunting as well! 
But of course I will still be trend hunting and blogging on this blog. I will keep you posted, for now: have a great weekend!

For more info about Trendslator check:
or send me an e-mail at:

dinsdag 29 januari 2013

marketing at it's best - back to the start

Back to the start - Chipotle (mexican grill)

Behind every good (marketing)video has to be a great concept, right? Well I was really intrigued by the 'Back to the start' video, so I decided to do a little research on the company that made it. Chipotle, personally never heard of it before. But the video downbelow pretty much explains everything. to sum it up: founder Steve Ells (an art history graduate) found himself passionate about food. So he went to the culinary institute of America, soon afterwards he was working at one of his favorite restaurants. This is where the idea of having an own restaurant grew. Chipotle is a fastfood type of restaurant, but based on good quality, fresh mexican food. It turned out to be a big success in the USA.

donderdag 24 januari 2013

amsterdam fashion week - jacob kok paradise

jacob kok - paradise

Jacob Kok is a dutch designer (and winner of the dutch version of tv show: project runway). This flamboyant designer is well know for it's creative, out-of-the-box, egdy designs. Jacob presented his new collection 'paradise' at the Amterdam Fashionweek, which is in full swing. The collection is inspired by the popular game 'The Sims' because of his fascination with the digital revolution. To him this is a true paradise with unlimited options, yet to be discovered.

For more info about Jacob Kok:

sugary tunes bondax - baby i got that


Really addictive. And I must admit I am pretty much hooked to every song (including remixes) that Bondax makes. Bondax actually are two teenage (!) producers slash DJs from Lancaster, UK.
For more music by this prodigy duo, check their Soundcloud account:


dinsdag 22 januari 2013

marketing at it's best: microsoft hires young designer

Andrew Kim is a young design student (at the Art Centre College of Design in Los Angeles) who played his cards well. He proposed an extensive rebranding for Microsoft and it's many many products and put it online last July.
His rebranding concept eventually went viral, giving the degree of 'genius' this is not so hard to believe. So Microsoft decided to do the only thing that seemed logic: they hired the guy.
I absolutely love what he did to the brand: he got rid of all the layers of dust that were piling onto Microsoft and got back to it's core-values and a bit of 'cool' on the side of course ;)

zaterdag 12 januari 2013

sugary tunes racoon - love you more

It's time for some dutch tunes this time, meet Racoon: our OneRepublic/Coldplay. This is one of their first singles. I still love it to this day.

maandag 7 januari 2013

Viva la Barcelona

Vive la Barcelona 

So last week I was telling about my holiday plans, which included going to Barcelona. The past few weeks flew by so quickly and I find myself back home in Amsterdam already. School, rainy & cold weather are not quite the welcome home I was hoping for ;).
Well anyways Barcelona was a really great get-away. The weather was nice and sunny, the people friendly and the clubbing scene was really good too. We stayed at a nice hostel near Segrada Familia (Sant Jordi), which I would recommend if you ever end up in Barcelona. While walking in Barcelona, I could totally see myself live there for a couple of years, the atmosphere of the city is relaxed and to my surprise it has a great 'creative-scene' as well!
Didn't get a lot of time to take photos but I uploaded some of them below. Hope u enjoy it!

A sunny day at Mont Juic

Converse doing it right

birthday (cup)cake

absolutely loved the concept