Hi there!
I’m Marlinda a 23 year old student / friend / amateur trend watcher / lover of life / freethinker / photography fanatic / future world traveller / but most of all: a day dreamer. I currently live in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) where I study marketing, currently I am doing an minor at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute specializing in Fashion & Visual Culture.
And of course I am a proud member of the 'slash generation' with interests in fashion, marketing, trend forecasting, music, photography and art.

On this blog you will read about whatever keeps me busy, but - most importantly - what makes my heart beat
Not only can you read about all of this, i will also post photos, images and 'textiles' here. So don't be a stranger and look around a bit. 
If you have any questions/remarks you can contact me at: 
for more information about my creative work please visit: http://issuu.com/marlinda

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