maandag 24 december 2012

sugary tunes DMK - everything counts

With only one day left before christmas, I'm really getting into the 'christmas spirit'. I've travelled to the northern part of Holland to celebrate the holidays with my family. Okay, well that's not entirely true: I will be spending New Year's eve in Barcelona, Spain. But Christmas is spend in Friesland. While surfing in the internet, I found this amazingly cute video/song by a family in Germany. I hope you will enjoy it just as much as I did.
Happy holidays!

dinsdag 18 december 2012

trend space invasion

Surfing the internet I can't help but to stumble upon 'aliens influences' everywhere I go.
No, it's not the kind made by Aliens (not that I know of, that is) but it is clear that people's minds are full of 'out of space' experiences. Doesn't matter where I look: art, design, music, film, streetwear or articles: Aliens are everywhere. It might be the magic date 21-12-12 coming up or the financial crisis' rising impact on our daily lives, or a combination of both.
But it can no longer be denied that we are questioning all the things in life that we used to take for granted. This makes for a slightly odd but very interesting between past, future and space.
Below you can find some of the results from my internet surf-search. Enjoy!

"Recently a series of radio messages was heard coming from outer space. The transmission was not continuous, but cut by pauses into pieces which could be taken as units, for they were repeated over and over again.  The pauses show here as punctuation.  The various combination have been represented by letters of the alphabet, so that the messages can be written down.  Each message except the first is given here only once.  The serial number of the messages has been supplied for each reference."  - 
Quote from 'NSA releases UFO Files Reveals "Alien Messages" reveiled'. Read the full article here:

Influences in music

Influences in art

2012 biljet by Dadara

The movie "Cloud Atlas" explores how the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another throughout the past, the present and the future. Action, mystery and romance weave dramatically through the story as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero and a single act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution in the distant future.

vrijdag 14 december 2012

the future as seen in the 60ies

From the 60ies on, many visualizations have been made about 'the future'. Some of them completely irrelevant with robots, flying spaceships and aliens, but every once in a while those predictions are actually spot on right. Like the prediction of the mobile phone, long before it was made. This video made by the British government was made to advertise an ideal Britain overseas and contains some interesting thoughts about 'the future' in the sixties. See it for yourself :)

woensdag 12 december 2012

emma mulholland AW13

Emma Mulholland is a 24 year old fashion designer from Australia. In 2010 she graduated from Ultimo TAFE fashion institute of Sydney and has been on the rice ever since. Her current collection is called 'Spaced Out' and was inspired by aliens and Ancient Egypt. A surprising combination you might think, but browsing through the lookbook it suddenly becomes very clear. Mulholland is inspired by the conspiracy theory that pyramids were build by aliens. The collection features holograms, sequins, neons and metallics. 

She says: "The combination of Ancient Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphics can be seen in the prints, which also tied in with an intergalactic space vibe. I looked to sci-fi movies like The Fifth Element and episodes of Star Trek and drew a lot of inspiration from their simple shapes, like A-line shift dresses and raglan sleeves like Dr. Spock. The embellishments are also a combination of both of these ideas — like a scarab beetle which has been abducted and replaced by an alien. I drew styling inspiration from Desperately Seeking Susan."

The images are shot by Byron Spencer and styled by Pauly Bonomelli. 

zaterdag 8 december 2012

sugary tunes kanye west - lost in the world

After all this time, I still love this song. Lost in the world originally was accompanied by the shortfilm 'runaway', but now has it's own video. Well I can say a lot more about it, but the only way of doing the song justice is to say: just watch it.

maandag 3 december 2012

give a compliment, get a compliment

The SoulPancake is website with content designed to open your mind, challenge your friends and feel damn good. They have made this video especially to fill those needs. Because sometimes you don't express enough how much you appreciate those around you.

More videos and other content at: 

donderdag 29 november 2012

tomorrow i'll do it

If you really want to do something, you should just go ahead and do it, right? This is what fellow dutchmen and actor/director Tony van der Veer thought. Tony decided to inspire and motivate people to do chase their dreams. To make decisions in life not based on fears and habits but on pure joy and passion. In the pursuit of his own passion and happiness he is currently traveling from Amsterdam to Marrakech on an old moped (Zundapp). During his travels he meets people who are or aren't pursuing their dreams to share thoughts. He puts all this into an online blog ( with videos and photos.
Check out some of his photos below.

For more info check (dutch only):

zondag 18 november 2012

sugary tunes soko - i kill her (hannes fischer remix)

The tune has been around for quite some time, but wrapped in to this new fuzzy coat it is the perfect remix for this weekend.

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Disney for Barneys New York

Disney and Barneys have come together and unveiled their "electric holiday" campaign. For this campaign Disney designed a special cartoon featuring some of Disney's biggest characters like Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Daisy Duck. Disney's sweethearts are accompanied by big names in the fashion world, whom are transformed into cartoon stars as well.

The video shows Minnie dreaming of the life as a high-end fashion model in Paris, strutting the runway with her best friends. In this wonderful daydream Minnie is rocking Lanvin, Mickey Mouse shows a Balenciaga outfit and Goofy is getting his groove on in Balmain.

I think it's a really original, creative and fun way of marketing, what do you think?

zondag 4 november 2012

sugary tunes coldplay - fix you

Some songs just tend to stick around you through the years. For me one of those songs is fix you by Coldplay.
To wrap up a peaceful sunday night. Enjoy!

dinsdag 30 oktober 2012

a piece of me part four

it's a family affair

So as usual (my family will relate to this) I have been digging up some photos and stuff from the past. I don't know what it is, but there's something about old stuff that really fascinates me. Okay so I like old junk, that's true. But for me it is about a whole lot more. Traveling in time is impossible (I assume - if you know better, please tell me!), so in order to take a glance at the past, we only have stuff, videos and photos...right? When I dig up old stuff, it's like time traveling. I wonder how life was 30, 60 or even 100 years ago. What would your daily routine be like? Would you go to school/work? What would your ambitions be in life? 
This makes for one hell of an interesting comparison: to see the difference and resemblance with our daily lives. Are we really that different since the invention of the .... (fill in the dots). I don't think so, but we do have other needs that come along with different lifestyles. If you put it like this, looking at the past is looking at the future as well. Makes you think, right? 
That's enough chit chat for now please enjoy these treasures I found of members of my family when they were younger. 


mom, dad and 'little' brother

blonde dad


vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

fashion designer Chichi luo

Chichi luo 

Chichi luo is a China based fashion designer, blogger, photographer, illustrater and buddist. She is extremely versatile to say the very least. Chichi attended College of Fashion in London where she studied Fashion Design Technology Womenswear. 

Her graduation collection was inspired by artisanal traditions.She says: 'This Spring/Summer collection is inspired by my trip to Tibet in China last summer. The colour palette is based on photographs, which have taken by myself during the trip. The selected colours are bright, vivid, and energetic, which represent Tibetan people's kindness, boldness, faith and passion to their religion. I bravely play with these colours, and get lots of unique results by using different hand dye techniques. 

 The silhouette of this collection is based on what Tibetan people are wearing, which inspires me to do lots of draping through this collection by using flexible fabric, such as silk chiffon and silk jersey. I then draped and layered them up, to create a new look for Tibetan people. 

I was inspired by Tibetan women's braided hair. I transferred this idea on to part of my clothes by developing to complicated handcraft techniques such as macramé and knotting. That is why you can see lots of amazing macramé pieces in this collection. Also there are many colourful wooden beads at the end of each rope on macramé, which symbolized the beautiful Buddha prayer beads.'
 Photography for this graduation collection was done by Tina Zhang

Autumn Winter 2012 collection
For the upcoming autumn/winter season Chichi developed a collection inspired by a previous visit to the Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. 
After this inspiring visiting, she fell in love with the atmosphere of modern people come across this historical country house, discover the beauty of polish which left from years passing of time. She took these inspirations for her collection by focusing on the interior elements at Wimpole including antiques from different periods, curtains in amazing textiles, paintings and vintage crystal lamps, and combine them to modern clean silhouettes. Crystal glass, tassels, furniture fabrics and mohair are frequently used in the whole collection.
For her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection she did the photography and styling all by herself. 

more info:

donderdag 11 oktober 2012

sugary tunes ellie goulding - anything could happen

cool stuff: we are hairy people

we are hairy people

We are hairy people make hand painted apparel. WAHP is run by Sarah Caulfield, a 23 year old youth worker and painter. She started the company in the spring of 2012, having no fashion or business education and with no money. Since then she has come a long way already, her items are now sold at Asos marketplace and some other exciting things are coming as well.

more info: