maandag 7 januari 2013

Viva la Barcelona

Vive la Barcelona 

So last week I was telling about my holiday plans, which included going to Barcelona. The past few weeks flew by so quickly and I find myself back home in Amsterdam already. School, rainy & cold weather are not quite the welcome home I was hoping for ;).
Well anyways Barcelona was a really great get-away. The weather was nice and sunny, the people friendly and the clubbing scene was really good too. We stayed at a nice hostel near Segrada Familia (Sant Jordi), which I would recommend if you ever end up in Barcelona. While walking in Barcelona, I could totally see myself live there for a couple of years, the atmosphere of the city is relaxed and to my surprise it has a great 'creative-scene' as well!
Didn't get a lot of time to take photos but I uploaded some of them below. Hope u enjoy it!

A sunny day at Mont Juic

Converse doing it right

birthday (cup)cake

absolutely loved the concept

the beach, need i say more?

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