vrijdag 12 oktober 2012

fashion designer Chichi luo

Chichi luo 

Chichi luo is a China based fashion designer, blogger, photographer, illustrater and buddist. She is extremely versatile to say the very least. Chichi attended College of Fashion in London where she studied Fashion Design Technology Womenswear. 

Her graduation collection was inspired by artisanal traditions.She says: 'This Spring/Summer collection is inspired by my trip to Tibet in China last summer. The colour palette is based on photographs, which have taken by myself during the trip. The selected colours are bright, vivid, and energetic, which represent Tibetan people's kindness, boldness, faith and passion to their religion. I bravely play with these colours, and get lots of unique results by using different hand dye techniques. 

 The silhouette of this collection is based on what Tibetan people are wearing, which inspires me to do lots of draping through this collection by using flexible fabric, such as silk chiffon and silk jersey. I then draped and layered them up, to create a new look for Tibetan people. 

I was inspired by Tibetan women's braided hair. I transferred this idea on to part of my clothes by developing to complicated handcraft techniques such as macramé and knotting. That is why you can see lots of amazing macramé pieces in this collection. Also there are many colourful wooden beads at the end of each rope on macramé, which symbolized the beautiful Buddha prayer beads.'
 Photography for this graduation collection was done by Tina Zhang

Autumn Winter 2012 collection
For the upcoming autumn/winter season Chichi developed a collection inspired by a previous visit to the Wimpole Hall in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. 
After this inspiring visiting, she fell in love with the atmosphere of modern people come across this historical country house, discover the beauty of polish which left from years passing of time. She took these inspirations for her collection by focusing on the interior elements at Wimpole including antiques from different periods, curtains in amazing textiles, paintings and vintage crystal lamps, and combine them to modern clean silhouettes. Crystal glass, tassels, furniture fabrics and mohair are frequently used in the whole collection.
For her Autumn/Winter 2012 collection she did the photography and styling all by herself. 

more info: http://chichiluo.com/

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