maandag 23 april 2012

trend phasebook, behind the screens

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Nowadays it is fairly easy to direct your life, your digital life that is. In the comfort of your own home, behind your computer you can define excactly how you want to come across and create your own little fairytale. But all that digital content usually doesn't last a long time, before you know it those stories and photos are replaced by newer ones.

This is where Phasebook comes in. It's an analog reaction to the digital highway of social media. Phasebook is created by dutch graphic designer Jorgen Koolwijk. He did research on a group of 30-something people that are in one way or another connected to each other by social networks. It resulted in the artbook 'Phasebook', in which recent portrets are accompanied by old photos, handwritten stories, anekdotes and drawings. The past and the present combined make an interesting reflection on former dreams, ambitions, ideas and todays reality. 
For more information about the project, or to browse through the whole book: visit (dutch only). 

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