donderdag 5 januari 2012

Experiment: analog photography

Ever since i came across some analog pictures from my childhood, i am fascinated with analog photography. I just love it's spontaneity, colors and blurriness.

one of my favorite pictures from my childhood: my dad en i on the beach somewhere in the early nineties
Driven by this curiosity for (analog) photography - and anything that has something to do with history for that matter - i decided to take on an experiment
I found two disposable/single-use cameras which were far past the expiration date (2005). And during a few months i took them everywhere i went. Of course there were a lot of crumbly and dark photos...but to my suprise a few of them turned quite nice.

saturated photo made with camera one [some gardenflowers]

crumly photo made with camera two [my dog]

overlay with 2 photos [my sister]
overlay with two photos [my sister at the dutch coast]

sky high filled with colors

overlighted [my dear friend]

satureted and mysteriously red [my dear friend/housemate and i]  

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