zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Sea of vacancy in The Netherlands

Out here in the Netherlands we often call our country full, overloaded and overcrowded. This is true, to some extent. The Netherlands are full, full with empty buildings that is.
Rietveld Landscape made a project called 'zee leegstand' which translates into 'sea of vacancy'. This art project portraits vacancy buildings in the Netherlands. On a weekly basis seven farms, two churches and one monastery a month are being added to the already really long list of empty usesless buildings.

The so called bottleneck in this whole issue doesn't lie at the creative industry, nor the government. The problem lies with authorities that don't want those buildings to get a temporary use. With the project Rietveld Landscape hopes to create awareness and stimulate creative solutions for this urgent matter.
After 20 years of wealth, luxury, opportunities and innovation we now find ourselves in a time where we need to contemplate. Now is the time to follow a different path and take our shaky financial status and create a change.

want more information about the project?
Go to:
www.rietveld landscape
Avro kunstuur special Architecturen (dutch only)

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